Become a Member

Looking to be a member of our club? Just email us at and we will add you to the listserv. Please note that our dues are $5.00 per academic year. If you join later in the semester and need more information on requirements or upcoming events, please visit the rest of our website!

1. Membership

2. Meetings

3. Service Hours

4. Semester Projects


Basic Membership

To be considered a member, you need to complete the following requirements per semester:
  1. Pay our $5 dues by the deadline.

The perks of being a member are as follows:
  1. Access to our meetings, graduate student shadowing opportunities, service events, and more.

  2. Can purchase CCA merchandise.

Join Us


Our membership dues are $5.00 and only need to be paid once per academic year. Here are your options for payment:

  1. Please send dues to our Venmo, @carolinacancerassociation, with the message "CCA Dues + your onyen" (not PID!).

  2. Visit to pay dues via Debit/Credit Card. Please note that if you choose to pay with card, there is a $0.50 processing fee that we ask you to cover.


If you are undergoing financial hardship and cannot pay the dues, please email us at and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


If dues are not paid by the deadline set each semester, and you have not emailed us regarding special circumstances, you will be removed from the listserv.

Active Membership

To be considered an active member, you need to complete the following requirements per semester:
  1. Pay our $5 dues by the deadline (once per academic year).

  2. Attend four meetings, of which one must be a guest speaker meeting.

  3. Complete at least four service hours OR a semester-long project.​

The perks of being an active member are:
  1. An exclusive CCA shirt for free!

  2. The opportunity to apply for open officer positions.

  3. All the perks that a regular member receives.

Member statuses are updated at the end of each semester.



All meeting attendance is tracked by our officers. You do not need to record your attendance in Heel Life or email us that you were present. Your meeting attendance will NOT count towards the active member requirement if you do not spend a majority of the time in the meeting. If you have a time constraint where you can only attend part of the meeting, reach out to us directly.

Events that are broadcasted to the listserv (e.g. symposiums, panels, etc.) that are not hosted by CCA do NOT count towards the meeting requirement, nor do interest meetings, unless explicitly stated otherwise. If you have any doubts about whether a meeting will count toward the requirement, please email us.

Guest Speaker Meetings

We aim to have at least one guest speaker lecture a month; however, we usually have about two to three. Our speakers discuss diverse topics in science, cancer research, healthcare, and more. If you can, please turn on your camera so that our guest speakers feel more connected to their audience!

Member Socials

Our member socials usually take place every two weeks; the best day and time of the week is decided through a survey that goes out to the members at the beginning of the semester. These meetings are fun events where you can meet new people, ask questions to CCA officers, and play online games.

Service Hours

Members can volunteer on their own time or through a CCA-sponsored event. Service events outside of CCA MUST have verifiable proof of your participation for us to accept those hours. These hours can be virtual as long as they give back to the community. If you are unsure if an event will count towards your recordable hours, please reach out to us and an officer will help clarify any doubts.

Note: Hours do NOT carry over from semester to semester. For example, if you volunteer for eight hours in the fall, it does not automatically mean you have reached your four hour service requirement in the spring.

How to Submit Your Hours

Submit service hours to Heel Life (more details under the Heel Life section), and they will be reviewed by an officer for approval. Please remember to practice good hygiene, maintain social distance, and wear a mask!

Heel Life

Submitting hours on Heel Life is a great way for professors who are writing recommendation letters to confirm your volunteer hours and for you to keep track of your hours from different organizations.


To add service hours, click on your account in the top right corner and click "service hours." From here, you should be able to see previously-recorded hours and add new hours. When adding new hours, please put the verification name and contact information (email or phone number) in case we need further proof of your participation. Fill out all other fields accordingly, and in the description, put the relevant event information and how you can prove your event participation if you do not have a contact (event website, social media post link, etc.) If you need to forward us an email or send us pictures, please do so to

Examples of Service Events We Accept

  • Volunteering at UNC Hospitals

  • Working at a food bank

  • Distributing COVID-19 care kits

  • Tutoring students for free through a non-profit

Examples of Events We Do NOT Accept

  • Donating money to run a 5k (if you help set-up/run the event, this DOES count)

  • Participating in a CCA fundraiser or other non-service event

  • Working at a UNC or other collegiate football or basketball game

  • Events with no realistic means of verification


Semester Projects

In lieu of service hours, members can complete a semester project to become an active member if they are uncomfortable volunteering in-person. You are expected to spend at least four hours on the project.

If you would like to design your own project, please email us and an officer will review your proposal.

Educational Video

You can make an educational video about anything your heart desires to be uploaded on the CCA YouTube page. These videos are expected to have a lot of effort put into them -- they should be thoroughly researched (if making a scientific, historical, or other non-editorial video), edited, and peer-reviewed. You have the option to do this alone or in groups.

Cancer Medicine Drug Database

You can contribute to our Cancer Medicine Drug database! We have created a database of cancer drugs, which will include details such as the chemical makeup of the drug, common side effects, and mechanism of action, among other things. Drugs submitted to the database will be professionally reviewed by pharmacologists and then published as a resource for cancer patients.

Spread Love Foundation

We have teamed up with Spread Love Foundation to create lesson plans for underserved youth. We hope to help them with their mission to educate and inspire children to pursue careers in STEM and Medicine.

To sign up for one of these projects for the Spring 2021, click here. You must sign up for a project by February 19th.