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Who We Are

Established in 2019 Fall, Carolina Cancer Association is a rapidly growing health preprofessional club with a uniquely targeted focus on cancer research and community service. CCA is dedicated to three main pillars: healthcare volunteerism, contribution to research and academia, and spreading awareness about cancer and its widespread impact in every community. 


We work with the UNC Cancer Hospital to give students insight and opportunities into patient care in order to help prepare students for a potential future in medicine. We also collaborate with the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation throughout the year to help students give back to our community by engaging in local events, fundraisers, and advocacy. In addition, we work closely with the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center to provide members with research, shadowing, and volunteering opportunities. 


Our organization is a great fit for all students interested in the sciences, medicine, or simply learning more about cancer research. We aspire to benefit our community and encourage our members to use their knowledge and time to make a difference in peoples’ lives. 


What We Offer

  • Undergraduate research opportunities at Lineberger

  • Shadowing opportunities within UNC hospitals and research labs 

  • Community outreach through the American Cancer Society and other volunteering events 

  • A diverse lecture series throughout the semester 

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