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CCA Research 
Shadowing Program (CRSP)

CCA is excited to announce the development of the CCA Research Shadowing Program (CRSP). CRSP serves to develop meaningful shadowing opportunities for aspiring researchers and oncologists through the collaborative efforts between the Carolina Cancer Association and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. These students will have the ability to connect with a graduate student mentor for a shadowing experience in which they are exposed to a typical day in the laboratory. We are proud to say that these pairings in past iterations of the program have yielded meaningful pre-professional connections for our participants, as well as offers for permanent research positions to benefit both undergraduate mentees and graduate student mentors.

How it works

  • Check out our pool of graduate student mentors. 

  • Choose three students who peak your interest. 

  • Fill out a short application through this link

  • Chosen applicants will be notified on Wednesday, September 7

  • All mentees must attend a mandatory in-person meeting on Wednesday, September 14 going over laboratory etiquette and any additional topics requested by mentors.  

  • If selected, we expect undergraduate mentees to do the following:

    • Respond to graduate student in a timely manner

    • Be courteous of lab space and respectful of boundaries established for shadowing

    • Be engaged and prepared with graduate student, asking questions about current/previous work

    • Follow-up with graduate student with the PI copied in a thank-you email to show appreciation for the shadowing experience


Let's Work Together

Have ideas one how to expand or improve our shadowing program? We always encourage members to give their suggestions! Email us, or fill out our contact form on the Home page.

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