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  • Cancer awareness is much, much more than a line of products, and fighting cancer is far uglier. While fundraising is necessary to support lifesaving research and novel treatments, it should not come before education. With that said, please make note of the following: 

    1) No two cases of cancer are identical in their biology or the way they are experienced.

    2) Educating yourself about any cause is the best way to support it. Visit National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society for reliable information.

    3) Unfortunately, cancer awareness is an industry, and potential buyers of any cancer-related product should understand where their money is going.* Visit Think Before You Pink to learn more about cancer awareness and fundraising accountability.

    *100% of the proceeds from Ribbon Initiative products go directly to supporting the specific cancer fund through UNC’s Lineberger Cancer Comprehensive Center, which supports cancer research and care. Learn more at

    February is national cancer prevention month. The World Health Organization estimates that between 30% and 50% of cancer deaths are preventable by lifestyle modification and avoiding risk factors. For more information, visit Cancer - World Health Organization.

    National Cancer Prevention Month T-Shirt

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